Stress post holidays? It’s normal!

The phenomenon of feeling stressed or anxious after returning from summer holidays isn’t universally experienced by everyone, but it’s not entirely an “invention” either. It’s sometimes referred to as “post-vacation blues” or “holiday hangover,” and it can be influenced by a variety of factors:

  1. Contrast in Environments: Going from a relaxing, pleasurable holiday setting back to work or daily responsibilities can create a stark contrast, causing some people to feel down or stressed.
  2. Work Accumulation: Some people might find a pile of work waiting for them upon return, which can be overwhelming.
  3. Routine Disruption: Holidays often involve a break from routine. Re-establishing a normal schedule can sometimes cause stress.
  4. Social Factors: The potential emotional toll of reconnecting with colleagues or resuming work responsibilities can contribute to post-holiday stress.
  5. Expectation vs. Reality: Sometimes, the holidays themselves may not be as relaxing or fulfilling as hoped, leading to disappointment that carries over after returning.

It’s important to note that not a lot of people experiences this, and some may even find that they’re recharged and more focused after a break. Whether or not post-summer holiday stress significantly affects you can depend on your individual circumstances, personality, and coping mechanisms.Absolutely, experiencing some level of stress during periods of change is normal and even expected. Transitions, whether it’s returning to work from a holiday, moving to a new place, or undergoing any significant lifestyle alteration, can disrupt established routines and require adjustments. These changes can invoke stress as you adapt to new circumstances.This stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. A moderate amount of stress can serve as a motivator to adapt and meet challenges. It only becomes problematic if it’s excessive or sustained for a long period, as that could lead to physical or psychological issues. So yes, feeling some stress related to changes like coming back from a holiday is a common human experience.

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